Connect to Salesforce Data as a Linked Server

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  • Why is it that anytime people find out that they might have to pay for something to connect to these sources that there is an uproar and outrage on this forum?

    I know the gist of this forum is more or less knowledge share, but chill out if you find out you can’t always get everything you want for free. The people that create these connectors and tools have mouths to feed as well and spend countless hours coding this stuff to HELP YOU. Yes, the forum should be primarily for knowledge share, but getting upset from finding out that you have to pay for this connector is childish. There is no such thing as a free lunch (TINSTAAFL).



  • We have also been using DBamp for years. Works really well, and solves all our SQL to SF headaches. We use it a lot of 'real-time' and 'batched' live website transactions.

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