Connect to a Remote SSAS 2005 Database

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  • I'd like to see a follow-up article on this regarding security and when one would use HTTP to connect vs TCP/IP over port x. I am also curious as to what issues you ran into. I've had two installs of AS2K5, one on XP one on Win2K3 when they rolled that out for all the developers and in neither case did I have issues connecting to any instances that were not related to security permissions.

    That being said, it is a good walkthrough of how to setup HTTP Connectivity.


  • Thanks for this article. It certainly did save a few hours!

    Do you know of a way (using HTTP), to connect to the database engine with Management Studio in the same way? It would be great to be able to do some remote working when a customer has nailed down all the tcp/rdc options!


  • There is. Look up HTTP Endpoints in Books Online. I beleive that will give you what you need.

  • Thanks Cliff, but HTTP endpoints are just another option for IIS, and require webservice webmethods setup. I was looking for a generic link which would act like the TCP connection. There is an option to connect BIDS/Management Studio to an Analysis Server for administration using http ( but there doesn't seem to be an equivalent for the SQL engine.

    Maybe SQL2008!


  • Jacob, thanks very much for the post!

    I killed many hours searching the MS sites, blogs, forums, etc and was up and working minutes after reading your post.

  • I have this setup correctly such that I can view my SSAS db remotely through Management Studio. While in a report project, when I setup a shared data source using the same HTTP url as the server, if I turn off SSPI in the advanced tab, when I "Test Connection", it succeeds. However, if I create a report using this data source, it says:

    A connection cannot be made to the database.

    Set and test the connection string.

    Non-Windows user credentials were supplied for a non-http connection to Analysis Services. The Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services data extension requires Windows Integrated Security unless connecting via http or https.

    Any ideas as to why?

  • i have connect SSAS though RemoteServer.after connecting when database is expanding then no any database shown,while database alreadyexist in remoteServer.

    Pl Give me response as soon as.

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