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  • I really have not worked a lot with XML and I've only learned of CROSS APPLY in the last couple weeks, but I've googled a lot on trying to solve this and after a lot of time, I hope I could get some help with the query.

    I have data stored using XML tags in a column of a table.  I have been trying for quite a while now in a query from that column and other tables.  This is a pared down skeletal version of the format of the XML and the query.  The column type is XML.



    <GROUP_ID ControlType="xxxxxxxxx" ParentName="ppppppppp" Value="100" />



    This just will not pull the value "100" out no matter how I have tried.  All I get is a blank, but not a NULL.

    Is it because the data is not in a proper format or is my query just wrong?  The p_table has the XML column (U_Xml).


    x.y.value('(GROUP_ID)[1]', 'varchar(max)') AS [Group ID]

    From p_table pt

    CROSS APPLY pt.U_Xml.nodes('/data/Company') as x(y)

    Thanks for any direction I can receive.


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  • GROUP_ID is a complex element composed of attributes. Value is an attribute of GROUP_ID, not an element.

    Try this:

    x.y.value('@Value','int') AS [Group ID]
    FROM p_table pt
    CROSS APPLY pt.U_Xml.nodes('data/Company/GROUP_ID') AS x(y);

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