Configuring OLAP for data source for Reporting Services

  • We wantr to query our Analysis services cubes thropugh reporting services. We have setup the datasource and the connection string looks somehting like...

    the connection type is OLE, and is is using windows credentials of a domain user we have set up.

    Provider=MSOLAP.2;Client Cache Size=25;Data Source=MISServer;Initial Catalog=Sales;Auto Synch

    When I come to view the report I get the following message...


    Reporting Services Error

    • An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted) Get Online Help

      • Cannot create a connection to data source 'Sales'. (rsErrorOpeningConnection) Get Online Help

        • No error information available: E_FAIL(0x80004005).


    Does anyone have a step by step list of what the permission requirments are for connecting to olap via reporting services?




    Thanks Jeet

  • This should work, assuming Sales is the database name not the cube you want to connect to?

    Select oledb as the connection type

    this is the connection string I use:

    Provider=MSOLAP.2;Data Source=MISServer;Location=Sales;Initial Catalog=Sales;Client Cache Size=25;Auto Synch Period=10000

    Then set the login credentials to a windows user with access rights to the cube (test with an olap admin) and select use as windows credentials. Alternatvely select integrated security and each users access credentials will be used. Could also use xmla datasource and store credentials in the security settings for web service.

    To access the cube you will need to add the user to a role with access to the cube in analysis manager, you can give them access to the entire cube or restrict it by dimensions/dimension members.

    by the way MSOLAP.2 is the daa provider for AS2000, you should use MSOLAP.3 for AS2005 (or the Analysis Services provider)


    Phil Nicholas

  • An update on this managed to get it working by running the report server service as localsystem instead of a domain account, however this now breaks email subscriptions. Any ideas??



    Thanks Jeet

  • As far as I know the web service security is used to provide windows authentication for datasources is this what you mean? If you want anonymous access on top of this you can define a user in the datasource definition. Dont think the windows service user comes into it, but the user does need access to the report server directories so suspect this may be the issue.

    Phil Nicholas

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