Compute Holiday Day of the Month for any Year

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  • Eric,
    Thanks for taking the time to share this code with us. Very handy. I am confused though with the New Years Day computations. You have these 2 lines:
    when 1 then DateAdd(d, 1,@sYear+'-'+'01'+'-'+'01')
    when 7 then DateAdd(d, 3,@sYear+'-'+'01'+'-'+'01')

    So if New Years Day falls on a Sunday (as in 2017) you add 1 day and it is celebrated on Monday. But if it falls on a Saturday (as in 2011) you add 3 days and it is celebrated on Tuesday. Wouldn't you just add 2 so it is celebrated on Monday?

    Thanks again.


  • Eric,

    Sorry, but one other thing. In your example output for 2015 several of the Monday holidays are showing 5 for the DayOfWeek value and Presidents Day is showing 1.


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