Complex foreign key

  • Rune Bivrin (9/23/2016)

    Good question, but a small nit-pick:

    "The syntax of the batch is correct" is not really an output of the batch, but the conclusion of the parser. That message doesn't appear anywhere.

    That's true! It's an assertion.

  • As the output a message of the parser in the query result window? :unsure:

    (a small nit-pick...) 😉

  • TomThomson (9/22/2016)

    Good interesting question.

    I rather dislike SQL Server's lumping together of multiple cascade paths and cascade cycles; it shouldn't be forcing us to use triggers in all cases where there can be multiple cascade paths. I'm perfectly happy for it to refuse to handle cascade cycles because I think a that it's potentially possible to obtain different results according to what order updates and/or deletions take place, but I would prefer to see it hadling multiple cycle-free cascade in cases where it's easy to detect (from the metadata) that different resuts can't be produced by different operation orders (as in the example in this case).

    Agreed. I dislike cascading to begin with, but won't support multiple paths. I especially dislike cascade delete.

  • Great question, thanks.

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