Comparison of SQL Server 2005 Editions

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  • Thanks for the information.  

  • Humm....No more developer addition.  Where does that leave developers for having a cheap copy to do development work?  I haven't looked at the Express version for 2005.  Will the Express version have enough functionality for developers deploying Standard or Enterprise solutions?

    Gregory A. Larsen, MVP

  • Overall this looks like good news.  I am disappointed that the Report Builder is only available with Enterprise version.  We do have 4 or 5 Enterprise Edition installations now and have software assurance so we should be able to upgrade to 2005 without additional cost. 

    I assume that if you are using Reporting Services on an 2005 Enterprise Edition installation that you can still run reports against databases residing on standard edition?



    Aunt Kathi Data Platform MVP
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  • Greg,

    I believe the Developer Edition will have all of the features of the Enterprise Edition, but with the development only licensing restrictions, as per SQL Server 2000.


  • Hi Greg, there will still be a dirt cheap developer edition just like SQL Server 2000's model is today.

  • It's good to see there will still be a developer addition.  I just didn't see it on the posts from Microsoft on 2/24 or your article, so I was just wondering.  Any idea where  I might see as note (web page) from Microsoft about the developer addition.

    Gregory A. Larsen, MVP

  • A main difference of SQL Express compared to the other (non free) editions is the lack of the SQL Server Agent providing professional

    job scheduling and other goodies. Example for making backup and keeping track in history records, all from within one single package.

    When upgrading MSDE to SQL Express all this nice stuff is gone.

    There is not easy alternative to this. There are ways to use the

    Windows scheduler but ... the development, maintenance, tracing is completely different. Developers will find a new challenge to

    package all this 🙂 but in the end End users and Customers

    (no system administrators) will not be happy at all.

    You should never remove functionality from a product that

    is already established well in the field. The result will be that

    MSDE 2000 will still be used for several years, even for new customers.

    I see no reason why you increase the 'freeware' limit from 2GB

    to 4GB. If you need more than 2GB disk, you simply buy the

    non-free versions, and the customer understands.


  • I saw it initially in an interview with Tom Rizzo. Also, the beta version that's being distributed today is the Developer Edition.

  • Brian, thanks. Good summary. Still need to know more:

    What is BAV saying about Express Edition without Agent? What about the backup job for example? OSQL with Windows Scheduler???

    Abour Reports: Developer Edition 2005 Beta contains BI Development Studio. Will it continue to contain it?

    Personal Edition: did not hear about this one in 2005. The advantage of Personal Edition in 2000 is that it is licensed as a client. It is a counterpart of the Standard Edition for Development. We use it a lot. Do you think it will be there in 2005?

    Report Server itself: currently in 2000 is free with Standard Edition. Do you think it still will be provided with Standard?



    Regards,Yelena Varsha

  • Hi, Developer Edition will contain all the Enterprise Edition features, just not licensed for prod. So, yes, it will contain the works.

    Good question on Personal Edition. I haven't heard anything on it yet myself but will ask! I use it a lot as well.

    Reporting Services will be in Standard and Enterprise (and Dev). It's not as feature-rich in Standard though as you can see in the matrix.

  • That is right:


    What is BAV saying about Express Edition without Agent? What about the backup job for example? OSQL with Windows Scheduler???


    All developments being made for MSDE integrating with the sql agent

    are lost when you would migrate to Express edition; except if you pay for a licensed version of sql 2005.



  • Thanks for the information!

  • Thanks for the information too.

    Where we can verify the information about the abcense of the agent in MSDE?

    Reporting Services: Brian says Reporting Services in Standard are not feature-rich. Will there be the same features as I have now using a Reporting Services CD they include with Standard Edition of SQL Server 2000 or there will be less features?


    Regards,Yelena Varsha

  • I am surprised and dissapointed that Table Partitioning is not in the Standard Edition.  I wonder if there is any chance that Microsoft might reconsider that one? 

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