Compare data of two tables

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  • Why not generate a hash byte and compare the two tables based on the join condition?

  • CHECKSUM(*) or BINARY_CHECKSUM(*) could be an option but this needs all columns in the same order and (sometimes) equal data type.

    Beside of this the function may work or a good starting basis, but has several flaws (e.g. no support for NULL columns; using the old INFORMATION_SCHEMA instead of the sys-schema; being not really well formated; no comments; using a global temporary table; not even trying to escape the table and column names (QUOTENAME() is your friend))...

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  • Also what about the Microsoft supplied tablediff! While BOL indicates this is a utility for comparing replicated tables it works quite nicely on any pair or table regardless of the method of the table duplication. Granted there are some bugs in early version of the utility but you can run newer version of the exe against older version of sql server

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