communication Link failure

  • Start SQL Server profiler and look at the connection from the begining to the point of failure watching how many connections are created and destroyed. You may also want to run performance monitor on the web server looking at "SQLServer:Gerneral Statstics" with UserConnections to see if anything specifically happens to connections. May be maxing out the connections so check you license on the SQL Server as well. Could even be a problem with the data access components. so you may want to try installing a fresh copy of the MDAC from Microsoft on the web server.

  • I would agree with James in that you should probably run a profile trace and watch carefully as you get close to the estimated time. However, since there are a whole slew of reasons the connection could be interrupted, I would hold off on installing or reinstalling MDAC.

    K. Brian Kelley

    K. Brian Kelley

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