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  • Hi All,

    Looking for opinions on something. I've never seen this before, and I'm of mixed opinion on how I feel about it:

    When naming a column that is a foreign key to another table, prefix the related table name to the column name. Example:


    Table1Id INT

    more columns


    Table2Id INT

    Table1_Table1Id INT

    more columns

    What are your thoughts?

  • in our shop, all the identity columns contain the tablename + Id, so repeating the tablename would be repetitively redundant πŸ™‚

    so for example TBAddress would have an identity TBAddressID ;

    so all FK's that point to is are the exact same name :

    TBContact has a FK column named TBAddressID ;

    on the situations where we need multiple foreign keys, we make all our keys END WITH the actual column name,

    so MailAddressID,PersonalAddressId, and BusinessAddressID might co exist in the same table if we needed mulitple FK's.


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  • I am a firm believer that any column should have a name that identifies it clearly and should not change between tables. Column names changing table to table is complete PITA to work with. The main reason I see for changing names like you are describing is due to poor naming of the original column.


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  • I tend to be with Sean. I'd do this:


    ID INT

    more columns


    ID INT


    where I'd name the FKID something that makes sense.

    Or more formally:

    Create table Customers (

    CustomerID int

    , CustomerName Varchar(20)



    Create table Orders (

    OrderID int

    , CustomerID int

    , OrderDate datetime



  • Ok, I'm going to blame the jet lag (35 hours to get from Christchurch, NZ to Boston this weekend) on not seeing the obvious. Yes, prefixing the table name onto the foreign key column is redundant if that column already is called <Object>Id (where <object> is Customer or Order or ...).

    This database was created while I was on vacation, from a model that the development team had been discussing before I left. Strangely, it appears to be the default naming convention that comes out of VisualStudio edmx. Yuck.

  • Piling on at this point, but that's one ugly naming convention so...

    No, I've never seen one like that and wouldn't recommend it. In fact, I'd fight against it, kicking, biting & gouging. A column should have a meaningful & clear name and it shouldn't change from table to table unless there's an overriding reason.

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  • In fact, I'd fight against it, kicking, biting & gouging.


    We do follow β€˜FK_<Child_Table>_<Parent_Table>_<Parent_Column(s)>’. It’s very much self-explanatory with a drawback of its length. We abbreviate the table & column names if the length is 30 or more.

  • Why to extend names of foreign keys. We can keep domain for both the tables same. Like this:



    Dept_ID (PK)




    ID (PK)


    Dept_ID (FK)

    Here Dept_ID in Employee table is a foreign key to Dept_ID in Department table.

    Suggestions/Comments most welcomed.

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  • I guess I was not clear on my part. β€˜FK_<Child_Table>_<Parent_Table>_<Parent_Column(s)>’ is Foreign Key (Constraint) Name. The FK columns borrow the same name as they have in parent tables.

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