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  • To get this to always work, there are TWO places to set it:

    1. On a registered server, select the "Connection Properties" tab, and set the color.

    2. On the Object Explorer, if you click on connect and select a server, you will need to set it there on the "Connection Properties" tab also - it doesn't pick up the color from an associated registered server of the same name.

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  • And the answer is "False" because? I would definatly say that my statusbar changes color... hence "True".


  • Please explain why the answer is False,

    You can save the Visual Cue against the Registered server so when you connect it will be in the color you have defined.

    I would say the answer is TRUE, if you disagree please elaborate.

  • Dear Dave62, WayneS,

    Thank you both for drawing attention to this option, and for describing how to use it.

    Hencefort, I promise to use a horrible pink color for all production servers, which should be out of bounds for me.

    Best regards,

    Henrik Staun Poulsen

  • The answer is "True" as far as I know refer the following link for reference:

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  • I answered TRUE, but reading and re-reading both question and answer, I do not understand why it's false. Please Hugo, help us to understand.

  • I'm not native english speaking/reading so maybe I'm misunderstanding something? Like True=False??

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  • Ok, bad reading...

    SSMS status bar NOT = Query window status bar.

    Lars Broberg
    Elbe-Data AB

  • I will not talk about the answers. It's clear for me: the main window status bar no, the query editor window yes.

    It's a nice option I didn't know about. I'm going to use it. Maybe I will have lower rate of using inappropriate databases.

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  • Another dumb trick question 🙁

    I use connection colouring, and it always works, so I was tricked into thinking the question was about that, hence answered 'True'.

    I don't mind getting an answer wrong if I learn something, but misdirection and trickery is damned annoying.



    in the

    the spring

    by another name.

  • Carlo Romagnano (10/15/2010)

    I answered TRUE, but reading and re-reading both question and answer, I do not understand why it's false. Please Hugo, help us to understand.

    :laugh: I seem to have built a reputation for myself... :satisfied:

    I had this one wrong as well. Partially because I don't work with SQL Server 2008 yet (I do have it installed on a laptop, fopr "play" purposes), and partly because I misread the question.

    The answer is hidden in the explanation. You can configure different colors for the "query window" (which I knew - that's why I selected "true"), but you cannot configure the colors for "the status bar in SSMS".

    This last status bar obviously refers to another status bar than that of the query window. I don't know which status bar, though, and I can't check if it's true. But even if it is, the correct answer should have been "it depends" - since the query window sits within SSMS, you can obviously configure colors for some status bars in SSMS.

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  • Thanks Hugo.

    I work with SSMS sql2500, too.

  • Pedantic trickery at its worst!

    "the status bar in SQL Server 2008 Management Studio" does not clearly state that it means the one in the main window rather than the one in the query window. It could mean anything.

    So the closest answer is probably "it depends", as it depends how you interpret the question.

  • Thanks, Hugo. You have built great reputation here.

    And the others: Don't complain. The question and answers are OK. Yes, it's tricky. Do you like to obtain point without thinking?

    See, understand, learn, try, use efficient
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