Color alternate column group in matrix

  • Papil


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     in screenshot-Using columnD as parent group.ColumnB its child. and main parent group is columnC just for page break.

    columnA is column group and using columnA and columnA for data.

    i want to color the column groups in matrix only if the value is present else not. Also i want to do alternate column group colors and not show the value in the output matrix.
    attached file for example.
    I could get the alternate colors to show up but not able to hide the values and show the colors only if the value is present.Using below code-
    Dim iCounter as Integer=0
    Public Function getColumnCounter() as Integer
    Return iCounter
    End Function

    =iif(Code.getColumnCounter mod 2 =0 and Fields!clientName.Value>0,"LightGreen","PaleTurquoise")
    please help.thanks

  • meichmann


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    have you looked at the visibility properties of the cell itself?  You could also throw some conditional expressions to replace the actual value with a space to hide it as well.

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