collation setting

  • I have SQl server 2000 with SERVER collation setting


    I have 2 instances on this server, say instance1 and instance2.

    Instance1 (which is a default instance)

    has database testdb1 with collation setting


    Instance2 has database testdb2 with collation setting


    Both have same database copy ( no collation setting on the table level), when I try to insert a row in a table say legal with FRENCH ASCENTS, the value in testdb1

    gets converted to plain english alphabets in other words I loose the FRENCH ASCENTS, where as I get the correct value in testdb2 (with French ascents), why ???

    How do I know the collations setting for instance, is there any query I can run to find out the collation setting for instance or something else is causing this ?



  • Have you looked at the collation setting of the data columns? In SQL EM, right click on the tablename, select Design Table. Select/highlight the column containing the data. At the bottom of the window, is a 'Columns' tab and the last entry is the collation value for the highlighted field. If it says, <database default>, then it's the same collation that the database was created with.

    Since data columns can have different collations than the database default, just thought this would be a good place to look first, to be sure that both fields in the different databases really have the same collation.

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