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    Good question that made me think, thanks George.


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    nice question. really i am confused about collation now... any one explain about collation

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  • Stewart "Arturius" Campbell

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    Nice question, thanks George
    Really reitterates the detail differences in the way SQL Server handles the various collations

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  • Carlo Romagnano


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    It's surprising me!
  • Rune Bivrin


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    I got it right. Collations are tricky business. I think this is one case where people from countries that don't use English as their primary language have an edge.

    But the reference doesn't really explain anything; it makes no effort at detailing where SOH might fall in a sorting sequence.

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    Right there with Babe

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    SQL 2015?

  • Rune Bivrin


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    SQL 2015?

    It's a special release only Steve has😛

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  • GeorgeCopeland


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    Thank you for your kind comments, guys.

  • webrunner


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    Here is a slight edit with the complete table variable declaration, just for fun.
    Thanks for the great question!

    declare @TableAsc table
      ( [Value] varchar(30)

    --Declare a table variable with a varchar column and insert the following values--
    insert @TableAsc values
    (CHAR(65) + '-Uppercase A')
    ,(CHAR(1) + '-Start of header')
    ,(CHAR(126) + '-Tilde ~')
    ,(CHAR(32) + '-Space')
    ,(CHAR(45) + '-Dash');

    SELECT *
    FROM @TableAsc
    ORDER BY Value COLLATE Latin1_General_CI_AS;

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  • GeorgeCopeland


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    You are quite welcome. This query shows the sort order for all ASCII characters and is a little more useful--

    DECLARE @Asc INT = 0
    DECLARE @TableAsc TABLE(AscVal INT, CharVal CHAR(1))

    WHILE @Asc <= 127 BEGIN
      INSERT @TableAsc VALUES(@Asc, char(@Asc))
      SET @Asc = @Asc + 1

    SELECT *
    FROM @TableAsc
    ORDER BY CharVal COLLATE Latin1_General_CI_AS

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