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  • I wonder why it's called a 'variable'.

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  • Hello!

    I think that since we are in 2023 and the text references 2022, it will be better to use a variable in the text to read the year from the system and avoid the confusion.

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  • Lol, not sure that's the place for a variable. Silly me still in the habit of typing 2022.

    It's fixed.

  • A useful feature would be declaration of user defined global constants at the server or database level.

    For example:

    DECLARE CONST @@PI NUMERIC(12,10) = 3.1415926535;
    DECLARE CONST @@StatusInProcess TINYINT = 2;
    DECLARE CONST @@StatusDelivered TINYINT = 3;
    DECLARE CONST @@GB BIGINT = 1073741824;

    You can kind of do this using scalar functions, but that can potentially have adverse effects on query execution plans.

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