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    Nice question..Thanks.


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    Andrew Watson-478275 (9/20/2013)

    As well as the reference given, this one should be included too:


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    Good question, but it does miss out on a good opportunity to point out that these two have the same result (in this particular case):

    SELECT COALESCE(Col1, Col2) AS 'FirstNotNull' FROM dbo.T_TEST

    SELECT ISNULL(Col1, Col2) AS 'FirstNotNull' FROM dbo.T_TEST

    while these two do not:

    SELECT COALESCE(Col2, Col1) AS 'FirstNotNull' FROM dbo.T_TEST

    SELECT ISNULL(Col2, Col1) AS 'FirstNotNull' FROM dbo.T_TEST

    (The reason being that COALESCE uses data type precedence rules, converting results to DECIMAL, while ISNULL uses the data type of the first argument, assuming it's not a literal NULL, converting everything to INT in the latter example.)

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    Nice and easy - thanks!

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    Elementary, my dear Watson



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