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  • Hi Experts :-

    We are currently working on sql server 2012 and planning to migrate to Azure. I have few queries regarding azure sql.

    1. • In SQL Azure, all tables should have a clustered index.  Is this limitation removed in current version of Azure sql.
    2. What are different version available in Azure SQl.(Like for sql server we have sql server 2012, 2014 etc.)
    3. Is Table partitioning not available in Azure.
    4. Can you guys suggest some good online tool to run a compatibility test to run in our database for migration purp


  • I will answer even though I'm not a guy.

    The docs for SQL DB will answer your questions 1 and 3.

    SQL DB doesn't have versions like that.  It's a service, so you would migrate to whatever the current version a the time you provision the database.

    You can use Data Migration Assistant to help your evaluate feature compatibility between your on-prem SQL Server and the Azure SQL DB service.  I'm not sure there's always a case for using it for migration ("it depends") but the compatibility analysis it does helpful.

  • 1.)  You can have heap tables in SQL Azure.

    2) You can do SELECT @@VERSION to see that it is not quite the same as what you get with on-premise servers.

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