Clustered Columnstore Index Gives "Unable to find index entry" Error

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  • This is the same problem SQL Server has with having Materialized Views on tables. I am haven't tried it yet, but I am hoping a true Column Store physical table structure will mitigate this issue. But a note of warning. Doing ETL into a physical Column Store database structure takes careful planning of Horizontal partitioning as it drastically impacts the vertical partitioning gain of the Column Store structure. It boils down to I/O, and how much I/O you need to reed through to get the result.

  • Hello, Ramya.

    Thanks for putting up this post!

    Did Microsoft say they would be working on a fix for this issue and is there an issue open on Microsoft Connect?

  • Microsoft updated us that a hotfix for this issue will be released soon probably by the end of october.

    I will post a reply on this forum once I get the details.



  • hello Ramya,

    Thanks for your article. I suppose no new data is inserted? if so, then the columnstore index should be removedbefore the load and added again after the load.

    Columnstore Indexes was introducedin SQL Server 2012

  • You are absolutely right when it comes to non-clustered columnstore indexes which were introduced in SQL Server 2012. But SQL Server 2014 came up with clustered columnstore indexes which are updateable. These indexes can be used for our DML operations. Its a good concept to try.

    You can find more info on this here.



  • This issue is resolved in CU6 for SQL Server 2014.


    Ramya Makam

  • I has the same error but is not over a clustered columnstore index. I drop, rebuild and reindex the index and the error still apear, then i try copy the entire table and the error still apear, only without the index "corrupted" works, for last i modify the index structure included another column, and finally de error off ... 😀

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