Client doesn’t want to run discovery agent, what are the options ?

  • Trying to assess client on-Prem servers for a cloud migration. We usually run a discovery tool that runs an agent to capture high level server info (OS/ Softwares/CPU etc…). I’m trying to think out of the box solutions. Maybe ask him to run his on script to capture all data or deep dive session to capture data manually. What other options we have ?

  • Tell your client Microsoft advises this "Data Migration Assistant"

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  • The client can either:

    a) Run your tool for discovery

    b) Run their own process for discovery, possibly assissted by you

    c) Agree with your client a list of servers they want to include in your proposal and ignore the rest

    d) Agree with your client to stick a wet finger in the air and check which way the wind is blowing (ie make a guess)

    If the client does not want to do a or b, then c is the best way forward as it gives some verifiable numbers.

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