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    I would like to see more questions on this topic

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  • KWymore (8/20/2013)

    sqlnaive (8/20/2013)

    I tried going through some of the docs but couldn't get it. Can someone brief me about what it does ??? Or any link providing the DQS functionality in it's simplest form will be appreciated.

    You might try this blog:

    KWymore, I'll check this out in little detail upcoming weekend. Is it getting implemented and used anywhere ? I haven't heard it anywhere before (though it definitely isn't like i know everything)

  • Looks like a promising solution, once we move to 2012.

  • i was totally new to this topic.

    Thanks for posting such question.

  • working on 2008 R2, never heard about DQS until yet.

    google found nothing about DQS and SQL2014 so zero point but I learned something today !

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