• I see alot here on cross domain trusts. I do have trusting win2k domains. I have a UK user (US here) that logs in thru CITRIX. His local machine is on one domain. He gets a logon pop up for my domain when he goes to logon-run his app in citrix(access database in this thread). It logs him into our domain and the app opens. When he tried to execute an SQL select, he gets an error (3146..). If I use (VNC in this case) onto his desktop, leave him logged in locally to his domain and logon with my account to the citrix app, it runs fine. I have him in a security group on my domain, and that group is added to SQL server with select permissions thru the whole chain of the view and background tables. I am an owner, but havee no logon within his domain. Not sure how this could allow me to select and not him.

    any ideas appreaciated

  • When he logs in to Citrix, he is effectively running a program on that system. Whatever account (including domain) he's using to log on to the Citrix server is the account that's going to be making the SQL Server connection. Does the account he's using through Citrix have permissions in the database?

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