Citrix MetaFrame, SQL Server, and the DBA

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    K. Brian Kelley

  • Presentation Server 4.0 really takes this to the next level with the updated licensing model.

    Additionally when you bring blades into the equation and remote deployment software (Altiris for example) which uses a SQL Server backend to house information, the DBA plays a critical role outside of what we might perceive as the typical OLTP or OLAP functions.

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  • We have been using Citrix extensively at several of our sites.  My only issue is that if am looking for a real fail over I use log shipping for the Citrix db, sorry replication too much a headache for such a small db

  • There are other ways to stop user connections to SQL Server except for denying logins. Since the restore time will not be long as you sais the DB is not big, you can:

    1.Unplug the network cable and work locally

    2. Do not unplug the network cable. Go to SQL Server's Server Network Utility (2000) or SQL Server Configuration Manager (2005) and temp. disable the TCP/IP and Named Pipes. Leave just Shared Memory. Log in to the server using Terminal Services and work with SQL Server locally.

    3. Do not unplug the network cable. Do not disable protocols. Change the listening port on the server and create an alias for this port on your client. Work remotely.

    Regards,Yelena Varsha

  • I only have a locally maintained db for the Citrix portion, and run it on my distro cluster. It takes minimal resources and so is an ideal candidate for something like that.

    I have strictly limited onsite DR, however the way that Citrix functions I have 24 hours to get everything up and running again, that's more than enough time to recover from backups should I need it, and the cluster takes care of potential hardware failures.

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  • Just a quick add on - All of these scenarios do not cover the use of the enterprise level of citrix software. Although it still relies on the main database as dictated above, it also has the ability to create it's own datamart. This coupled with RS designer on SQL 2005 (The schema is downloadable from citrix) allows the production of some pretty nifty usage reports straight from the systems mouth - so to speak.

  • The datamarts are great, but the data is not realtime, we've actually had to create some funky scenarios using DSQUERY in order to get real time information imported into SQL for usage information.

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  • To be honest, this article was written when 3.0 FR2 was the top of the line, if I remember right. There have been a lot of changes since then... especially with 4.5 out this summer (last time I checked). I really need to update this article, especially since folks are right in that there are better reporting solutions available now with 4.0.

    K. Brian Kelley

  • XPe was what all of my items were based upon.

    We are in the middle of a migration to 4.0 and will be looking at reporting functions within that which may be improved.

    4.5 is very exciting from a Citrix standpoint with streaming applications and the opportunity for truly creating farms, but that's another story.

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