Cisco Security Agent Blocking Management Studio Connection to remote server

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    My agency uses Cisco Security Agent to "protect" PC's on the network. This blocks traffic on certain ports. As we migrate from 2000 to 2005 we need to move from the Enterprise Manager to the SQL Server Management Studio. Connections to the Enterprise Manager from desktops has always worked properly. We have installed the SQL Server Management Studio tools on the desktops and attempted to connect to the servers. Connections between floor desktops and the servers are being rejected yet SQL Server Management Studio on an instance on the desktop will connect properly. RDP connections from one server to another using SQL Server Management Studio work properly (no CSA.)

    It would appear that CSA is blocking this connection and preventing our controlling the servers.

    Our security admin replied with the following:

    From looking at the logs, it appears that there is a "SQLBrowser" application as part of the new management software, that expects to receive a connection from the SQL server on port 1494. Incoming connections to PC's on SQL ports aren't going to work. Any desktop IPS or firewall would, and should, block this.

    He suggest that we should find some part of the management suite that works with a simple outbound connection.

    Is anyone aware of such a function in the management studio?



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    The point of a firewall isn't to block legitimate business. If he doesn't want to open it up, then just let the bosses know and they can deal with it. There's no way around this in SQL.

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