Checking Replication Row Counts

  • I would like to be able to see the row counts of the source tables and the destination tables of the tables being published.

    Is there a way to do this?

    I have been trying it via T-SQL and not getting very far. My idea was to build a stored procedure and then have a job email results when the row counts are out by X rows.

    The reason this came up is that after replication breaks, due to systems staff requesting server reboots and the like, I would like to know how broken the replication is.



    Graham Okely B App Sc
    Senior Database Administrator

  • Replication Checking

    Here is a handy tip for checking up on replication row counts.

    Alerts can be set up to watch for error codes but note that error code 20575 is actually a pass code and 20574 is a fail code.

    Here is some T-SQL to help:

    select distinct CASE alert_error_code

    WHEN 20575 THEN 'Passed row count'

    WHEN 20574 THEN 'Failed row count'

    END + ' ' + RTrim(subscriber) + ' ' + RTrim(publication)

    FROM msdb..sysreplicationalerts

    WHERE (alert_error_code = 20575 OR alert_error_code = 20574) AND time > CONVERT(Varchar(12),Getdate(),110)

    Graham Okely B App Sc
    Senior Database Administrator

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