Chart Customization

  • Hi,

    In my chart i have 2 category groups,

    By Week,By year

    Series group contains the averages.

    1.I need to increase the width of my columns.It is very thin.How do I do it?

    2.For every year I want the column to be in the same color like all columns for 1999 in red,200 in green likewise.

    3.I don't want to specify the year name in the label.I want only the weeknumber.

    How should i go about it?




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  • I managed to find some solution..

    If it helps anyone..


    To increase the width of the column  use


    (Point width can have value from 1 to 100, default being 55)


    To remove label from the x axis,Go to Data tab and go to the reqd label and set it to =""

    To make all 1999 in 1 color 200 in 1 color...Make year the series...



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