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  • Incidentally I recently created a view around OPENQUERY() - data coming from a linked server. Which may have been not the best way to do what I was doing. But anyway, I thought it could be useful to name and CAST to type the columns of the OPENQUERY results - that is, to express explicitly outside the OPENQUERY term the expected columns. But is that worthwhile, or does it perhaps even create a problem?

    I haven't been doing the problems lately because I realised if I pass on one that's too hard it doesn't count in the game, and my score looks better than it is. Like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, I can look at the question and decide to ignore it and keep what I've got. Maybe the score system should keep count of that. I mean, I also don't want to guess, particularly on a point I don't currently understand but may need to at a later date.

  • Toreador (8/19/2009)

    Cliff Jones (8/19/2009)

    Mark Horninger (8/19/2009)

    Actually, you could do an implicit or explicit conversion....

    I agree. That was my first thought as well.

    Me too. Since there was no 'either implicit or explicit' option, I got it right by a 50% guess 🙂

    me 2:)

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