Changing Database page Verify on a Database in an AG

  • I have a database on SQL 2019 in an Availability Group (AG) and I want to change the Page Verify attribute from NONE to CHECKSUM on all of the nodes in the AG for this database. The Page Verify attribute is the same on the database on all nodes of the AG. I do not believe this change would be replicated to the other nodes in the AG. Is this correct? Can I make this change to the database on each node in the AG? I looked at the BOL and could not find any references to the Page Verify attribute regarding whether the change would be synchronized from the Primary replica to the Secondaries.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • The secondary's can only be read only.  That would likely not be able to to be changed.  I know changing the owner does not propagate.  I have had to do that.  You need to fail over and then change it.

    Try making the change on one of the DB's on the secondary. If it works, then changing the primary should propagate to the secondary's. If it will not let you make that change, then you will need to fail it over.

    A trick I used was to create a SQL job  that executes a script to change the owner on each database.  Add an alert for 1480 (ag failover)  that calls this job and changes it.  You will have to test if the server is the primary before executing the script, the alert should get fired on all of the nodes.  You can do the same thing, but the script would change the page verify option.

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