Change which Files are built based on config

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    is there a way to change what files are actually run during a build based on the configuration? 
    We have an application that needs to be deployed to multiple location , but each location will be getting different features based on a variety of factors.  What I would like to know is if there is a way to setup different publishprofiles for the .sqlproj so that we can push the different versions of the database all from our CI/CD tool through Msbuild.  I would like to avoid having to do xml manipulation directly in powershell , and ideally through publishprofiles, but that doesn;t seem to be working for me.

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    two ways i could think of would be the following:
    option 1.  maintain an external process in the form of a script which builds the SQL project files based on some sort of regional definition lookup. The script generates the region specific projects and then your CI build process builds each one
    option 2. leverage post deployment scripts to remove/add objects based on some property of the target database.

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