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    I signed up to SSC ages ago using an email address I had for years and thus was starting to get tons of spam and was missing a lot of SSC emails.  As such, I created a new email address and updated my email address in my SSC profile.

    This worked great for forum post replies, but unfortunately my user name was still my old email address.  I expected this to not be a concern as I cannot change that value.  I am still finding emails from SSC going to my old address.  This is most notable with the newsletters and blogs that get posted which go to my old email.

    My guess is those are going to my username while forum posts are tied to my email address.  Is there a way to get this corrected?  Either by changing the address newsletters and blogs go to OR to update my username?

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    Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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    Same issue for me - my current login is a work email address that will be deactivated soon, and I would like to switch to logging in with my current work email address... I have been able to do this on dozens of other sites, I can't believe it's not possible here...

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