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    The cdc capture job ran into errors on our prod server. The error reporting in dm_cdc_errors is

    Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'cdc.CI_dbo_valuation_CT'

    WITH unique index 'CI_dbo_valuation_t_CT_clustered_idx'.

    The duplicate key value is (0x005e624e00063c60002c, 1, 0x005e624e00063740005c, 2).

    The index definition is on the following columns. The following selects shows that there is already a row that was captured.

    SELECT * FROM cdc.CI_dbo_valuation_CT

    WHERE [__$start_lsn] = 0x005e624e00063c60002c

    AND [__$command_id] = 1

    AND [__$seqval] = 0x005e624e00063740005c

    AND [__$operation] = 2


    My google search showed that there is a bug with sql2016 when Merge statement used with cdc, capture job fails. This was rectified in CU1.

    But we are running sql2016 CU11 and we are seeing this error. Restarting the CDC capture job fixed the error and capture job was able to move past the LSNs. I am trying to find out the root cause of this problem.

    Any help would be great.

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    Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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