Certificates in SQL Server

  • alex.sqldba


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    This is probably not the correct forum as Certificates seem to transcend many versions of SQL Server.

    So Certificates seem to be becoming more and more prevalent in SQL Server.  Yet information for a DBA about them isn't that common.

    Does anyone know a good resource or book for learning (for certificate noobs) about Certificates. I don't mean from the perspective of SQL Server as thats covered mostly. But in terms of the Active Directory Certificate Store? Parts of this job are merging more and more with Domain Admin stuff, so is it just a case of I need to get more involved in that side of thing (I am reluctant to do so as its kinda dull, no offence Admins!) and if so, what book would you recommend for an utter dummy.


  • GregoryAJackson


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    I would just start with a google search for various docs\articles etc on the topic.
    if that's not enough, get a book on Windows Administration perhaps?


    Gregory A Jackson MBA, CSM

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