Central Management Server Daily Script

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  • Excellent script, just had to adjust the first row to:

    WITH Waits (servername, wait_type, wait_time_s, pct, rn) AS....

    to include the columns!

    Will use this in the daily reporting!

  • ...and I guess it's

    SELECT * FROM #waitstats

    and not

    SELECT * FROM ..sysprocesses

    right? 🙂

  • So glad you found it useful! Yes, sorry sometimes when you post the scripts it doesn' print out quite right. I am in a mixed environment so sometimes I get information from my 2000 servers... hence the ..sysprocesses.

    Thanks for your reply, enjoy!


  • What section of the code are you asking about in regards to the select * from ..sysprocesses? Sorry just want to be sure I give you the right feedback 😎



  • Thanks for the script and thanks for the updates.

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