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    I'm not sure I have the correct forum for this, but would like to ask for some advice.  I've been a DBA for 4 years now.  I've worked for my current employer as their sole DBA & am responsible for EVERYTHING with the databases from backups to reports to development to client installations.  I have 1 exam left to go for my MCDBA.  I would like to move my experience over to a more datawarehousing or role.  My current employer would not pay for such knowledge or have such needs (under 100 employees + a non-profit to boot).  I'm at the point I've learned everything I have from my current employer & am considering leaving in the new year.  I would like to pursue these areas for the new employment, but know I don't have the skills now to offer so not sure how to "get in the door" to get the experience.  Is schooling the best option to learn this experience or books or ?  If schooling, anyone recommend a good tech school in California?  Thank you for the advice.

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    First, I'll say that I've always been a good employee (from the employer's point of view) and usually they want me to stay, so I'm fairly up front when I want to learn something. If your employer doesn't want to pay for training, they'll probably lose you anyway, but maybe you can make a deal. Usually if they pay for training, you owe them a year to work it off (or you pay it back).

    I might present it that way. If you don't feel comfortable, then the next best thing is try to find a DBA job that includes, or could include the DW stuff. You'll likely have to work harder to do your DBA job and learn the DW stuff, but it might be worth it to you.

    Schooling is always good to get the basics. I don't learn that way, preferring books and experimenting, but if you like schooling, try to get a class or two and see if you really like it and can understand it. Above all, be honest in interviews that you've gotten schooling, but not practical experience.

    I might also suggest you try to convince your current employer there might be value in a DW there.

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    From your description, I guess you feel a little bored with your current work. My thought is: 

    As a sole DBA, I think you have sole authority in deciding how to manage your database environment. If this is the case, I encourage you to explore new ways to revamp your database administration style that will increase the efficiency of your work. To me, since you have 4 years experience with your employer, you already gained sufficient office "politics" asset that you can leverage to further your career development. Of course, if you want to pursue something else (such as higher pay, new working environment etc), it is another topic.

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