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  • Aatish Patel

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    I am a SQL server administrator with 5 years of pure DBA experience. I am planning to get trained into cloud like Azure or AWS or any other cloud technology where there is a future growth.

    Can someone guide me which patch to take, is it Azure or AWS. Since i am an administrator i am not leaning towards development or BI.

    Your comments are greatly appreciated.

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    Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • Scott Arendt


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    Here's my two cents.

    Becoming knowledgeable (not necessarily proficient) is valuable.  It is not necessarily an either/or decision at first. Explore both then pick the one that interests you most.  Other than that:

    • Both have demand today.  I have no crystal ball for future demand, but this seems unlikely to change.
    • Search job boards for demand
    • What does your employer use?  If neither, do they intend to move to the cloud?  Are you an influencer?
    • Do you like working with SQL Server?  If so, maybe you should lean toward Azure?
    • AWS does fully support SQL Server in both EC2 and RDS versions.

    No one can accurately answer what is right for you, but those are some things that I would be doing




  • Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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  • Aatish Patel

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    thanks all for your replies...

    i am still exploring options but good info

  • leaflevel


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    Why not learn the fundamentals of both?  Beginner level certs typically take no more than a month or two to study for.  It's not like you're locked into a whole new career.  In less than a year's time you can learn enough of the basics in each discipline to properly inform your long-term decision.  And whichever one you choose not to do, at least you know enough about it to converse on a basic level whenever it comes up.

    Good luck!




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