Capturing I/O patterns using Process Monitor

  • I am not sure why the sequence column would say n/a.

    If you go to the "Options" menu the "Select Columns" it might be setup differently, just add the columns you need and untick the ones you don't.

    Also there is an additional column "Duration" which I didn't add because I think that using procmon will add some overhead so the results are not 100% accurate, but it is potentially a useful metric to compare servers / response times.


  • Just added her to the brief case. Will have to get back to this when we leave logical and I have some damn transactional data to play with...!

  • A very helpful article but with (at least for me) a number of issues

    a) Collecting data with process monitor

    - Another filter should be set for the Detail column with the condition "begins with" and the value "offset". Else filling the Offset and Length fields might fail

    - Sequence column seems not to be switched on in current Process monitor versions -> it should be switched on

    b) Importing data

    - Like other people in this forum mentioned the CSV output of Process monitor seems to not work for the Sequence number (it shows always "n/a") therefor CSV should first be processed with a CSV compliant tool (e.G. use CSVed to remove the first column and to add a first column with a row number)

    - Importing with leaving the general options in SQL 2008 on the default values failed for me, The Path and Detail column should be set to a higher value (e.G. 4000 in the output column width)

    - The detail column should after the import once be re-filled with removing the double quotes


    Update Iops



    Thanks for the article

    Best regards


  • I had the BIGINT issue as well - a few years has past 😉

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