Capture severity 10 error

  • Is there some way to capture

    "The module '% depends on the missing object '%'. The module will still be created; however, it cannot run successfully until the object exists."


    It does not cause the CATCH clause of TRY...CATCH to trigger...

    Any ideas?

  • AFAIK, errors with severity 10 or lower can't be captured as they're basically warnings.

    Luis C.
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  • Bit of a kludge, but I've found a way. In short,

    - create a trace to capture User Error Message events

    - script out the trace definition

    - start the trace

    - run sp_refreshsqlmodule on all modules

    - stop the trace

    - get the results: SELECT TextData FROM fn_trace_gettable('<output file>.trc', 1) WHERE TextData is not null

    - delete trace (optional)

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