Can't Connect Remotely to Integration Services

  • Mohammad Hoque

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  • M&M


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    Thanks Mohammad, Good one.


  • TerryS


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    Thanks, I've attempted to connect to SSIS remotely in the past but was unsuccessful. If I ever have the need to do it again, this will be very helpful.

    In your steps you have:

    5.Value = ncacn_ip_tcp,0,# where # is the new static SSIS port.

    But in your screenshot the middle value is 1. Which is the correct middle value, 0 or 1, or does it not matter? Thanks.

  • Mohammad Hoque

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    Sorry for this screenshot . It should be 0.

  • mak786

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    Its a great post and fix for the issue Mr.Hoque.

    But I am kind of confused how did you happen to find the Port on which SSIS Service was running to be other than 135, as we know as per MSDN, the port cannot be changed.

    And Just to have any Static Port Opened to connect this Server, would it not jeopardize the security of the company's environment and make it vulnerable to Intrusion attacks.

    Please let me know.

    Thanks in Advance.

  • rhrh


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    Why don't you use the GUI for setting this value?

    In the Tab(your screenshot) "Endpoints" you can configure exactly the same you did via registry.



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