Cannot upgrade SQL 2008R2 DB Engine

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    Hi; thanks for reading the post


    i have inherited a legacy SQL Farm with a couple servers running SQL2008.

    I am attempting a side-by-side upgrade on the servers (due to constraints out of my hands) I have successfully upgraded a number of them but have a troublesome few remaining.

    When I attempt an upgrade to SQL2012 (due to 3rd party vendor support no greater than 2012) I cannot select the SQL_Engine for upgrade the only option I have is either shared components or SSRS/SSAS!!

    I have tried other versions/patches etc to no avail….any thoughts would be appreciated.




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    Have you checked the upgrade advisor? Not that it's extremely useful - it'll miss unused but deleted folders from the Installation which will lead to the upgrade failing - but it'll at least point out obvious things.

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    Hi - thanks for the reply....


    tried UA and there is nothing preventing the upgrade; and same issue i can only select shared features not the SQL_Engine

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    I know you have a tough job here, but upgrading in place is like playing Russian Roulette.  Eventually you will try an upgrade that corrupts your instance so it won't start and you cannot roll back.  Been there done that.

    If you work in the EU then keeping old versions of SQL running can be considered as a GDPR violation.  For GDPR compliance you need to be on the latest version and latest fixes of all software.

    Where I work our HR vendor was moaning about not wanting to do SQL2017 support.  Our IT Head told them we needed SQL2017 for compliance, did they still want us as a customer.  The same days they confirmed they would support SQL2017 for their current software.

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