cannot specify port on named instance

  • Situation is: SQL Server 2000, Windows 2000 server. New installation, new machine, no previous database baggage. SQL Server service account is an NT account we created specifically with limited permissions to run SQL Server.

    This server will host multiple SQL Server instances.

    Did not install a default instance of SQL Server at all, so nothing is listening on port 1433.

    The installation instance of SQL Server is a named instance. On installation, we specified a specific port that is not being used by any other software/service.

    When we start the service and look at what ports are being used with netstat -an. We see that SQL Server is listening on port 2433. This is not the port we specified. Have stopped the service, done a change in port with the network utility, and restarted the service and the service still listens on 2433. Our sys admin is trying to limit the ports that the firewall has open and we can't figure out why the SQL Server instance service won't listen where we tell it to listen.

    Is it that we don't have a default instance, that the service account has limited permissions, other quirkinesses?? Any ideas?

    Thanks much, folks.

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  • Since this machine already is in use by the first of a number of clients, we can't just reboot whenever we would like to. Once we were given the ok to reboot, hey, SQL Server decided to play as we asked it to and listen on the port we designated! So the documentation is incorrect for this situation. Why am I really not surprised. I should have known.

    "All your database are belong to me"

  • Interesting. Have you attempted to duplicate your results?


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