Cannot seem to reconnect IIS / SQL7

  • My company is running IIS4/SQL7 on two seperate machines. Our intranet and web apps worked fine on Friday, but over the weekend, our administrators changed the "administrator" login to something else on the IIS server and now nothing seems to work. We are using basic NT authentication on our intranet, ASP pages that use a DSN to access SQL server, SQL server is under NT authentication. I have a login in SQL called MYDOMAIN\Domain Users that has the same access rights it had on Friday. Sometimes, the page will load once but on refresh will give this error:

    Provider error '80004005'

    Unspecified error

    /intranet/default.htm, line 10


    Users get a Jet SQL error - they do not have rights to object "unspecified" or it is in use by another user.

    Does this make ANY sense to anyone? The most confusing thing is the inconsistency of the errors - one of three things seems to happen completely at random. I appreciate any ideas anyone has...


  • nevermind... i figured this one out.

  • Would you mind posting the answer?


  • It was actually kind of embarassing and irrelevant, which is why I didn't post the answer, but here it is:

    The ASP pages in question were apparently ALSO pulling data from an Access Database for one small section (relic of our old page). When we setup things up again, someone setup the DSN wrong. It was set to exclusive. I've since pulled the data out, put it in SQL and deleted the Access database altogether.


  • Don't sweat it - but thanks for posting - sometimes when you're stuck and looking for an answer running across a thread like this is just the thing to get you of the box and looking at other possibilities.


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