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  • Chris Chilvers


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    I was trying to install sql mobile and query analyzer but something seems to be going wrong. Every time I run query analyzer and connect the northwind database I get the error message:

    "Failed to initialize the provider.

    Please make sure that SQL Server Mobile Edition is properly installed."

    Does any one have any ideas on this message?

    The pda is an MDA using the Intel PXA263 Arm processor and runs Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. The .Net Compact Framework 2.0 is also installed.

    The cab file I was using for the install was ".\Device\Mobile\v3.0\wce400\armv4\sqlce30.ppc.wce4.armv4.CAB" which seems to be the correct one for the device (as well as the only wce400 cab).

  • Chris Chilvers


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    Nevermind, finally found the reason for this problem. Sql Server Mobile doesn't install the required dll "sqlceoledb30.dll" when installing from the cab files.

    I installed this file manually by copying it to the pda and then used a utility to register the dll.

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    That seems a little unusual as we've never had a problem with the install of SQL Mobile.

    However, what we did notice when we started using it was that there was need to install more the one CAB file depending on what you were intending to do.

    For instance, there is the basic CAB and there is a different CAB for replication and a couple of others I don;t exactly recall off the top of my head. I think I found references to them in BOL.



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