Cannot find SSMS on server to connect to SQLExpress2005

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    Hi everyone,

    I have a SQL Express 2005 instance on our Blackberry server. I can see the location of the database and log files on the E drive and the error logs etc but I can't connect to the instance as I cannot find any software on the server to let me to do so. I also don't have access to the server myself via windows authentication and we don't know the sa password so cannot connect from my own SSMS on my laptop. I've searched both C and E drive for ssms, all .exe's and found no SQL software

    Any ideas?



  • Greg Edwards-268690


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    Find someone who is an admin on the server.

    That would be the quickest way to resolve it. They should be able to decide how they want to grant access for you.

    Also double check that you are specifiying the instance correctly on your local SSMS.

    If you are not using SA, you still need to connect with SSMS using an account (SQL or Windows) that has access to the database(s).

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