cannot find MSOLEDBSQL driver for SSIS 2019 connection manager

  • In the list of connection manager driver, I cannot  find MSOLEDBSQL,

    There is a microsoft OLEDB for SQL server, but that is SQLOLEDB, as the online doc says both SQLOLEDB and SQLNCLI native client will be deprecated. For new development use MSOLEDBSQL, but I cannot that driver in the list when I create new connection manager.

    What do I miss?


  • google is your friend. A simple search landed this url:


  • I did google before I posted and found the page too.

    But that is not the answer. Microsoft said those two are deprecated, new development should use the new one. But why the old ones are in the default connection manager lists, the new one-MSOLEDBSQL is not on the connection manager driver list even in the newest VS integration service project tool . And we have to download?

    That does not make sense

  • Have you installed Visual Studio and SSDT?

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  • another try I got MSSQLOLEDB.1  instead of SQLOLEDB.1 in the conneciton string.

    THanks all

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