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  • Kedar Potdar

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    I have a database with 8 data files. I ran a DBCC Shrinkfile with emptyfile option on one file (90GB size) which ran successfully. But when I try to delete the file now, it throws the following error:

    Error 5042: The file 'data8' cannot be removed because it is not empty.

    I tried the same thing with other smaller data files and I could easily delete those files.

    Even when I try to shrink the file, the file size remains same.

    Please help!! I need to urgently get the database size reduced.





  • Dinesh Asanka


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    Try after deatching the DB

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  • John Mitchell-245523

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    Run this script, after inserting your logical file name in both places (the logical file name is what you see under File Name in the Data Files tab of the Properties box of the database).  If it returns any items, then you need to move the tables/indexes to a different filegroup before proceeding.


    SELECT AS TableOrIndex

     FROM sysfiles f

    JOIN dbo.sysfilegroups s

     ON f.groupid = s.groupid

    JOIN dbo.sysindexes i

     ON i.groupid = s.groupid

    JOIN dbo.sysobjects o

     ON = object_id(

     AND i.indid in (0, 1)

    WHERE = 'My_Logical_File_Name'



     FROM sysindexes i join sysfilegroups f ON i.groupid = f.groupid

     JOIN sysfiles l ON f.groupid = l.groupid

    WHERE = 'My_Logical_File_Name'

  • baseLogiK

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    I had the same problem and tried the aforementioned query graciously provided by John Mitchell-245523, but found no objects listed. I ended up running DBCC SHRINKFILE('logical_file_name', EMPTYFILE). After that, the file dropped with no problems.

  • jesse.macnett

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    Thanks man! Old post, but the DBCC/EmptyFile was exactly what I needed.

  • johnwalker10

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    Use the DBCC SHRINKFILE with the EMPTYFILE argument command

    dbcc ShrinkFile (mydatabase_Log_2, EmptyFile)

    or you can take the help of this link:

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