Cannot Connect XP sp2 To SQL server 2005

  • Please Help, Have connected up a number of clients to my SQL server with no problem. But on one machine I cannot connect. Same setting as other client etc, and I can ping the server but it will not connect coming back with SQL server error 17. Have tried MS site , but really find it to be no help. If someone could point me in the right direction to solve this I would be most grateful

  • Would ylu please post the entire error message you are getting.  I can't find anything regarding SQL Server error 17.

  • Tony -

    Verify if the firewall is on or off. Then test with it off.

    There's also a log file for this, which may be helpful.

    How you are connecting?

    Thanks, GE

  • do you have the right port selected? I was having that problem. Either and and alias, or use servername, port.

    hope it helps

  • Error 17 is not a SQL Server error - it is probably an error in the OLEDB provider. Read this link and see if it applies to your situation:


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