Cancelling pipeline condition based

  • ammit.it2006

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    I have created a pipeline to move the data from  on-premise to Azure VM.

    There are instances that we don't have data in the source.

    I am using the If activity and looking for if we can stop the further execution of the Pipeline or cancel the pipeline if there are no records in the source.

    Please suggest.

  • Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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    Is this an ADS pipeline? What is your IF condition? How is the source data structured?

  • ammit.it2006

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    Hi Steve,

    It's ADF pipeline.

    Source is a table in Sql server having 10 million records appx. Source Table is truncated each day and fresh data is loaded into it. We have to move the data to Azure VM on daily basis.

    I just want that before starting the pipeline it just checks if there are records in the Source Table.

    If record count is zero then it must stop the execution of the pipeline.






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