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    1) In my table i have two columns i.e Name and marks,if i do aggregation on those two tables... what will be the output ?
    2) We have 3 Diff Servers i.e Server1,Server2,Server3 and we have 3 Diff tables on these 3 Servers and we have a common column between these tables and i want you to put the Combined data in a resultset.Here,problem is that we do not have linked servers between these servers. So, can we findout the resultset ?
    3) I have Excel File with 10,000 records and all are with error.How do you import the file in to table without failing the SSIS Package?
    4) I have created pkg with 32bit machine and the server where iam deploying it is 64bit machine ? How to handle it ?
    5) I have a Scenario where client gives excel file on a particular location,now you have to create report on top of that excel sheet,so insert the data and create ssis package.what steps will you follow to get that excel file data into sql table? One day your job fails and client has forgot to paste that excel sheet there,in that scenario what will you do?
    6) I have a report and there are 3 diff prompts on the report and its a simple plain report and now client says that when ever he runs the report i mean i enter the text,run the report and text is displayed on the report.How?
    7) Suppose i have one report and a dataset in that to display the reports but, there is one column in that dataset that requires calculations using one common value and that value is also coming from database.So,by writing complex logic query iam getting that single value in calculations.So,tellme how we can do that in SSRS ?
    8) Can we declare variable in SSRS that we can populate using query before report loads?

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    Please don't post the same question in 3 different forums. Direct answers to this post here:


    Excuse my typos and sometimes awful grammar. My fingers work faster than my brain does.

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