Can we use one 'name instance' name to two active/passive cluster

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    We have SQL server 2014 Active/Passive cluster. And we planned to migrate existing cluster to SQL Server 2019 Active/Passive cluster. During the planning we faced to one concern whether we can use or not existing ‘name instance’ name to new SQL ‘name instance’. Appreciate if someone can advise on this. Following are the details,

    Current Cluster details

    Version – SQL Server 2014

    SQL Virtual name/IP – DBCLUSTER1 /

    Name instance – prod1

    New Environment Details

    Version – SQL Server 2019

    SQL Virtual name/IP - DBCLUSTER1-NEW /

    Name instance – prod1 (this is same as existing name instance name so can we use same name to new environment)



  • The instance name yes you can use the same.  The same Virtual Name no

    EG your 2014 instance is MySQLVirtName\Prod1 and you build a new 2019 instance of MySqlVirtName\Prod1 will not work.


    But you can have MySQL14VirtName\Prod1 and MySQL19VirtName\Prod1 without any issues.


    This will mean you have to change your connection strings to reference the new virtual name at time of migration otherwise your looking at using DNS CNAMES to get around having the change connection strings.

  • Hi

    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    Our concern is cleared now, thanks again.



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