can we use a config file for the connection string instead

  • Does anyone know if we can use a config file for the connection string instead of putting it in the actual vb file? If this is possible, when we deploy the dll, do we also deploy the config file in the same directories?

    In some of those articles explaining how to extend RS, they say to registar the assembly by making an entry in certain RS config files. Why don't we do that here?

    BTW, great article. It was easy to understand and I liked how each example built on itself.


  • Hi

    I have just hit upon the same issue. I have written an assembly which uses a config file containing a connection string. I placed the config file and DLL in the directories mentioned in Adams article and everything worked perfectly from the BIDS report preview screens. However when I deploy the report to the report server the database is not being called. I thought at first that maybe the problem was specifically to do with calling the config file, so I temporarily re-wrote the assembly and hardcoded the connection string but it still did not work when deploying.

    You mention in your post about registering the DLL, and maybe that is the missing link.

    Did you work out how to do this and if so can you point me in the right direction.

    Many thanks,


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