Can replication be setup over a workgroup

  • I am interested in knowing the following.

    Can we set up a transactional replication scenario like this.....

    Publisher - member of an NT domain A

    Distributor - workgroup machine, an A/P cluster

    subscriber A - member of a different domain B

    behind a firewall,actually an A/P cluster

    subscriber B - member of an NT domain A.

    Distributor pushes both publications from the workgroup machine.

    How can i send sql notification from replication alerts from a workgroup server, in our case the exchange server is not available to the distributor.

    I am sizing the distributor ... Does the size of the distributor need to be the size of the database getting snapshotted. i.e if publishing db is 100 GB, how much should the size of the distributor be, i am proposing raid 10, 120 GB, is it advisable or is it an overkill.

    DBA's experienced in replication please respond.



  • Assuming you have all the required ports open, yes, you could probably do it. Just use a sql login for security.


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